If you have been trusting your roof inspection reports to those “free” roof inspection companies then you really have no idea what is going on up on your roof.  They could be saying anything about your roof and how would you know.

When you have your roof inspected by Peterson Roofing, we don’t just tell you what the problems are on your roof, we show you!  We have developed our reporting software to provide our clients with high resolution color photos embedded in each inspection finding.  We provide you with competitive repair estimates and two-year roof certificates once all work has been completed on qualifying roofs.

We believe in this day and age you should be able to see the issues on the roof, not just take an inspector’s word for it.

Our goal is to help you and your clients buy a home with a healthy, watertight roof structure and forge a long relationship with you as a realtor.  Contact us today to receive a sample report so you can “see” the difference.

  • Roof inspections |  $50.00

  • Two-year roof certificates  |  $200.00