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Silicone Coatings

Is a silicone roofing system right for your business or property? The easy answer is maybe. The first step in the process is having a professional contractor, such as, Peterson Roofing give you a detailed inspection and survey to see if your current roof is a good candidate.

If so, then you may see the benefits of a silicone roofing system, such as:

  • A fraction of the cost of a traditional complete re-roof.

  • 100% tax deductible in this calendar year.

  • Withstands ponding water

  • No costly tear-off

  • Forms a seamless roof membrane that will not caulk, crack, or degrade in harsh U.V. rays

  • Building owners may see a sizeable reduction in energy costs

  • Low V.O.C.

  • Possible rebates from local government agencies